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Something not right?

We'd like to fix it

We’re sorry to hear that something’s not right – thanks for letting us know. We’d like to try and resolve your complaint quickly and comprehensively. Here’s the process we’ll use to do that:

  1. Find out what went wrong and why
  2. Try to fix the problem
  3. Explain how we’ve addressed the issue and what happens next
  4. Ask if you had a different solution in mind and take that into account.

Our goal is to find a mutually acceptable solution as quickly as possible. We’ll keep you updated along the way.

Step one: Get in touch

Call the Rebel team on 0345 528 0195.

Our office hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Email us at help@rebelenergy.com.

Or, if you prefer, write to us at Rebel Energy Supply Limited, Bedford Heights, 421 Brickhill Drive, Bedford, MK41 7PH.

When you contact us, we’d be grateful if you could provide us with:

  1. Your contact details or account number
  2. The problem you’re facing, how it came about, and the impact it’s having on you
  3. Your preferred solution.

We’ll raise a complaint in relation to your account and try to fix it immediately. If we can’t fix it immediately, we’ll give you a timeframe as to when we can.

Our energy experts can take full ownership of your complaint. They’re trained extensively in all areas, from metering to billing. And they’re empowered to make management-level decisions. We continually run refresher training to keep up with changing technologies. The expert that raises your complaint is responsible for it from beginning to end, so you won’t have to keep explaining yourself.

Step two: If you are not happy with the resolutions offered

If you wish to take your complaint further, our energy expert can pass all the information to an operations manager. They will review your complaint in full and let you know what the next steps are.

Step three: If you need to make a formal complaint

We will write to you about the final solution we have offered and if this is not acceptable then this means we cannot find a mutually satisfactory outcome for yourself and Rebel Energy – this is called “deadlock”. This can then be used to refer and escalate your complaint to the Energy Ombudsman – we hope that it never gets this point.

You can contact the Energy Ombudsman by phone on 0330 440 1624, by email at enquiry@energyombudsman.org, or through their website https://www.energyombudsman.org/. Or you can write to them at Ombudsman Service: Energy Ombudsman, P.O. Box 966, Warrington, WA4 9DF.

It is a free and independent service, and they will undertake a full review of your concerns and of the actions that Rebel Energy took to try to get to a resolution. If the Ombudsman finds that Rebel Energy has not acted correctly, then they will tell us what we are required to do to put things right.

This can include an explanation and/or an apology. It can also include actions that we have to take, which may include compensation. Their decision is binding on us, but not on you.

Independent advice

If you need independent advice at any time, you can contact Citizens Advice by phone 0808 223 1133 or via their website https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/energy/energy-supply.

Their service is free, independent, and confidential. You can also contact Resolver and they will help you with your complaint. Their website is: https://www.resolver.co.uk/complaints/energy-complaints.

Quarterly Performance Reporting

We want to offer the best customer service we can each and every day. We believe we have a responsibility to our customers to do this and there is a desire in the Rebel team to deliver against this. Even so, there will be times when things go wrong, or not as our customers expect, and we want to be held accountable for that. We want our customers to let us know when they are not satisfied, so we can work with them to resolve their complaint and identify opportunities to prevent these things from happening again and to continuously improve.

We see complaints as a vital source of customer feedback. As uncomfortable as the feedback might be, we need our customers to tell us what isn’t working for them and we commit to doing better.

We want to share with you how we are performing and what we are learning from what our customers are telling us:

For the last three months of 2023, our average telephone wait time was 309 seconds and we responded to 57% of our emails within 2 days. Improving these response times has been a primary focus for us so far this year and, so far, we have demonstrated a significant improvement. A complaint is defined as any expressions of dissatisfaction by one of our customers. We are committed to listening carefully to any complaints and responding quickly and decisively to resolve the situation to our customers’ satisfaction. Our complaints performance is as follows:

Reporting PeriodComplaints ReceivedReceived per 10K customer accountsComplaints resolvedResolved per 10K customer accountsResolved the same or next working dayResolved in 8 weeks or less
Q4 202313618.1304.030.0%96.7%

Our highest reasons for customer complaints quartering Q4 2023 were:

Billing and meter reading issues unrelated with meter type28.7%
Payment Issues14.0%
Billing and meter reading issues related with smart meters9.6%
Customer service9.6%
Switching issues unrelated with meter type9.6%

We’d like to share a little more information about our customer service, the issues we have experienced and the actions we are taking to improve.


We know how important it is for us to provide customer bills which are timely and accurate. To do this we need to ensure we have actual meter readings provided by customers aligned to their billing cycle or sourced from their smart meters. We are committed to continuing to roll out smart meters to customers to enable them to track their consumption of energy and associated cost. We are also continuing to focus on our self-serve capability to make it easier for customers to submit their own readings and provide notifications to customers to make them aware of the optimum time to do this.

We are focused on continuous improvement and using customer feedback to influence where we should make improvements. Billing is a real priority as we seek to deliver process improvements whilst exploring technology solutions that will move us closer towards every customer receiving accurate bills when they expect them.

Payment Issues

Paying your bill should be an easy and straightforward thing to do . We actively encourage customers to set up a direct debit so that they have the comfort of knowing how much their monthly payment will be. We are reviewing our end to end direct debit process to ensure that these are set up correctly so that our customers can have complete confidence that their payment will be taken as expected.

We do understand that direct debit isn’t for everyone and therefore we do accept payments on our website and we provide a payment link. We are exploring other technology so that our customers are able to select the way they would prefer to pay.

Customer Service

Everything we do, we do with the customer at the forefront of our minds. We are constantly looking for ways to better support our customers and taking on board customer feedback to do this. We are committed to making sure we have customer-centric people delivering a customer focused service. We are continuing to grow the Rebel team and ensuring new colleagues have the best onboarding experience possible to support our customers. We also regularly carry out knowledge checks and upskill opportunities for our existing colleagues to make sure we are all able to deliver the best customer experience possible.

We are investing in technology for both our colleagues and our customers. We want to make it as easy as possible to access and manage your energy account.


When you’re switching to a new energy provider you want and expect the process to be smooth. Although this is the case for the vast majority of customers joining Rebel, there are occasional issues that we need to improve on. We are using customer feedback to make sure we are focusing on the right things to achieve this. In the last quarter we have worked to improve the speed and accuracy of opening meter readings so we can set up new customer accounts quickly and with all the right information. We are also continuing to review our customer communications to ensure that they are all clear, concise and explain to our new customers what to expect as they come on supply with Rebel.

We want to provide a service that is tailored to the needs of our customers

We understand that customers circumstances can change and also that customers may have certain needs that rely on the availability of their energy supply. We offer a range of additional ‘priority’ services to customers in certain vulnerable circumstances.

Eligibility criteria includes people who:

  1. are of a pensionable age
  2. are disabled or have a long term medical condition
  3. have a mental health condition
  4. have a hearing or sight condition
  5. are pregnant or have children under the age of 5
  6. have extra communication needs, such as not speaking or reading English

If you would like to hear more about the PSR and find out if you are eligible then please get in touch with us.

We currently have 1926 (4.3%) customers registered on the Priority Services Register (PSR) recognising they have shared relevant information with us regarding their circumstances.